How to Do the Magellan Roadmate Update?

Magellan Roadmate

How to Do the Magellan Roadmate Update?

Magellan Roadmate is the best-in-class GPS device that is designed with all the features that can make your driving fun and simple. For faster and better performance of your GPS device, you need to keep your device installed with all the latest maps and software updates available. These updates will make your travel worry-free. You can easily download and install the updates by performing the process given below. This is a complete guide that will help you in experiencing an error-free Magellan Roadmate update.

Perks of Keeping your Magellan Roadmate Device Updated

Magellan recommends all the users to keep their GPS device up-to-date. It introduces the updates periodically and you must install them every time they are available. The following are some of the perks of keeping your device updated.

  • Get the most efficient route with lesser traffic.
  • Know the traffic and all other hindrances of your route.
  • Get correct information about all the turns, traffic, constructions,etc.
  • Enjoy faster search and quicker response to all your commands.
  • Experience the effective working of your device.

Prerequisites for Magellan Roadmate Updates

Before you commence with the update procedure on your Magellan Roadmate device, you need to fulfill given prerequisites. 

  1. High-speed internet connection. 
  2. Your Magellan Roadmate device must be registered.
  3. Continuous power supply for uninterrupted performance. 
  4. Content manager must be downloaded on your device. 
  5. You must have a Magellan Roadmate device, USB cable, and a computing device in your access. 

Steps To Install Update on Magellan Roadmate Device

Once you are done with the fulfillment of all the above-mentioned prerequisites, you can move to the Magellan Roadmate Update process. 

  1. To begin with, you are supposed to attach your Magellan GPS Device to your computer system. In order to do so, you have to use the USB cable that you have received with the product. Thereafter, turn on your GPS device by pressing its power button. 
  2. The next step is to commence the Content Manager application on your computing device. After that, you need to access your Magellan account by signing into it. For this, provide the username and password that are linked with your account. 
  3. Once you reach your account, you have to look for the available updates by hitting the “Check for updates” option. By doing so, the search for the update will begin. Both software and map updates will prompt on your screen via dialog box. Some of the updates are available for free, while some are required to be purchased. 
  4. In order to download and install the Free Update, you just have to press the “Update” button and you are done. By clicking the button, the update will automatically start downloading and installing. 
  5. However, in the case of Paid Update, click “Update” followed by selecting “Roadmate” under the product family section. Choose the model of your device and click “Submit”. Then, Magellan asks you to sign in to your account and choose the update you want to purchase. Further, pay for the update you have added in your cart and sync the content for successfully installing the update on your device.
  6. This will successfully complete the Magellan Roadmate update process. Now, you can disconnect the USB cable that connects your device and computer. To successfully conclude the process, you need to restart your GPS device and you are done. 

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