Magellan GPS Update

Magellan Roadmate Update

Magellan Roadmate Update Using Wi-Fi 

  • To begin with the Magellan Roadmate Update, you first have to perform initial setup on your Roadmate GPS Unit. For this, follow the below-given steps:
    • First of all, connect your Magellan GPS device to your Wi-Fi.
    • Thereafter, log in to your Magellan account. For this, go to “” and enter the login credentials associated with the Magellan account. However, if you don’t have an account earlier, create one. For this, go to and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 
    • By doing so, it will register itself and the initial setup is completed.
  • Thereafter, download software and map updates for your Roadmate through wi-Fi. 
    • Firstly, tap on the “settings” icon from the map screen. 
    • Then, tap on “Updates” when you see a notification.
    • Next, choose between “Software Update” or “Update on Map Update” and click on it. 
    • At last, wait for the new map or software to download. 

Magellan Roadmate Update Via SmartGPS Eco

  • Firstly open the web browser.
  • Go to the official site of SmartGPS Eco, by typing in “” in the Address bar. 
  • Next, log in to your Magellan account. For this, enter the login credentials linked with the Magellan account. Click on “Sign In”. 
  • In case, you lack an account, click on “Sign Up”. Enter the required details and follow the on-screen prompts. After that, login to your Magellan account.
  • Connect your Roadmate device to the computer. For this, you should use the USB cable provided along with the device. 
  • If your device is registered before the “SmartGPS Eco” will automatically recognize your device. If it is not registered it will prompt you to register your device. Follow the on-screen instructions for a simple registration process. It will prompt you to provide certain basic details. 
  • Once it registers and recognizes your device, proceed for Magellan Roadmate Update. For this, click on the “Update” tab in your account portal.
  • Consequently, it will display a list of all the devices linked with this account. Select the device that you wish to update.
  • Now, you will get a list of all the updates available including both the software and map updates. Click on the “Update” tab for initiating the Magellan Roadmate Update process. 
  • As a result, it will automatically download and install the available updates on your gadget. 
  •  Click on the “Ok” tab. 
  • Thereafter, it will prompt you to disconnect your device. Hence, disconnect the same. 

Magellan Roadmate Update Via Content Manager 

  • Before proceeding with the update procedure you have to download and install the Content Manager on your system. 
  • After that, connect your Magellan Raodmate device to your computer with the help of the USB cable. 
  • Consequently, it will automatically connect your device. 
  • Then, it will detect your device and display it on the interface.
  • Next, tap on “Check for updates” option.
  • Subsequently, it will show you a dialogue box representing both paid and free versions of map updates. Select your desired update. Then, click on the Update button. 
  • If you choose the free version, the program will automatically download the updates. The following window will inform you about the installation of the completion process. Click on the “Ok” tab. 
  • In the case of the paid version, it will redirect you to the Magellan Purchase website. 
  • In the following window, you have to choose the Magellan Roadmate product that you want to update. 
  • Now, click on the drop-down menu box to choose your GPS model. Then, you must select your GPS model from the listed products.
  • Click on the “Submit” tab.
  • As a result, it will take you to the page displaying all the updates.
  • Scroll down to find the update that is applicable to your device.
  • Then, sign in to your Magellan account.
  • After that, tap on the “Add To Cart” option which is located at the bottom of the page.
  • Thereafter, enter your payment details on the following window when prompted. 
  • Next, click on “Place order” option.
  • Once the purchases are done, launch the Content Manager. For this, right-click the Content Manager icon. Thereafter, you should select “Sync Purchase Features / Content”  for the Magellan Roadmate GPS Update.
  • As a result, the Content Manager will download the Magellan GPS Update. After that, it will automatically install the updates on your GPS Device. Hence, wait for it. 
  • At last, you will get Completion Notification for Magellan Roadmate  Update on the following window. Hence, click “OK”.
  • Subsequently, disconnect the device when prompted to do so.